Life in the women's shelter

Shelter and living space

Our women's and children's shelter offers protected living space. For this purpose, 12 women with a maximum of 18 children are provided with 10 apartments of different sizes as well as group rooms in our women's shelter. One to two women occupy an apartment with their children. Single women share an apartment with another single woman. Group rooms and a garden can be used by all women and children living in the house.

Troisdorf - the location

With 76,000 inhabitants, Troisdorf is the largest city in the Rhein-Sieg district. By train you can reach Cologne in a few minutes and Bonn in about 40 min. It offers all shopping facilities nearby and has all types of schools and kindergartens. As a smaller town, it offers a good opportunity to orient oneself in a new environment and to possibly settle down.

Offers for women and children

We work according to a resource-oriented approach that takes the reality of the individual woman's life and the social framework into account.

When you come to us, you remain responsible for yourself and take care of yourself and your children independently.

During your stay, we support you and your children in an individual counseling process to work through the violence you have experienced and to develop new perspectives in the longer term. Initially, the focus of the counseling is on stabilization.

In this way, the ability to act, which is often limited by the experiences of violence, is restored. In the ongoing process, existing resources are used. The goal is to strengthen women's and children's self-confidence and to enable them to take responsibility for their own lives.

We offer:

  • Confidentiality: we are bound by duty of confidentiality.
  • Partial support and counseling to help you overcome the crisis situation and develop new life perspectives
  • Information about your rights and entitlements to benefits and help in dealing with authorities and applying for benefits.
  • For the girls and boys, there are colleagues who make individual offers of support and encouragement for your children and to relieve your burden, in a partial and professional manner.
  • Accompaniment and counseling with the help of language mediators/interpreters in your native language.

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