The way to us

If you are in acute danger:  

You can call the number 02241/3226360 day and night. 

If you are looking for a place in a women's shelter and we have space for you, we will describe the way to us. For security reasons, the address of the women's shelter is specially protected.  

If we do not have a place available at the moment, you can get information about other women's shelters and other support options via the free help line: 08000116016 and on the Internet:  

If you can prepare your departure

It is important for you to bring some things with you, if possible:

  • Identity cards or passports
  • Health insurance cards, vaccination card, yellow health care booklet
  • Birth certificates, marriage certificate, family register
  • benefit certificates, work papers
  • Child benefit number
  • Bank statements for the last three months
  • Urgently needed medication
  • School supplies for school children, grade reports
  • for babies possibly special food for a few days
  • clothes for 2-3 weeks
  • personal things from your home that are dear and valuable to you (photos, jewelry)

Some things you may be able to deposit with a trusted person beforehand, to pick up later.

If something is missing, we will assist you in getting it back.

The most important thing is your safety!  

To whom is our offer addressed?

Our offer is aimed at women and their children who are acutely affected or threatened by violence. Violence can take many different forms: physical, psychological, sexualized and economic violence, as well as stalking or forced marriage.

Women 18 years and older, with and without children.

There are criteria for admission to our women's shelter. These guarantee a tailored support for the person seeking help:  

  • acute danger,
  • voluntariness,
  • willingness to cooperate
  • an increased degree of independence in terms of coping with their own everyday life.

The low-threshold offer of an emergency shelter often gives the impression that all women and their children can be helped. This is far from being the case. Knowing that domestic violence has serious consequences for mental health/stability and housing situation.

We do not accept women with:

  • Addictive disease
  • Chronic/acute mental illness
  • Juvenile welfare needs (clear difficulties in caring for children).
  • Homelessness 

We are aware that there is an undersupply in these areas in particular. However, we are also aware of the limitations of women's shelter work. In these cases we refer to other institutions. In such cases, the appropriate support services are needed.

Women with a tolerance permit need a confirmation from their municipality of origin that the costs will be covered.

Admission to the Women's and Children's Shelter is initially conditional. In a 14-day clearing phase, we check whether our offer is the right one for the needs of the woman or the family. It may be necessary to find another specialized agency.

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